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1.  How does work?

At the beginning of each new jackpot, a random number from a given range of numbers is chosen and stored.  The range that was used is then posted on our homepage and internet users are given 10 chances per day to guess the 'magic' number.  As more and more visitors come to the site and guess, the jackpot will increase and will keep on increasing until the number is guessed correctly.  The person who guesses that number wins the entire jackpot.

2.  Do I have to pay anything or register in order to play?

Absolutely not! is a 100% free online sweepstakes.  See full contest rules by clicking here.

3.  Where does the jackpot money come from?

As people visit and try to guess the correct number, we get paid from our advertisers.  The more people that visit, the more the jackpot will increase.

4.  How do I get paid if I win?

Depending on the amount of money that has been won, the winning party will be able to choose from PayPal, check, or wire transfer.

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